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PUBG Mobile is the FREE battle royale shooter that chosen by over 1 billion players worldwide. New statement: The 3rd Year Anniversary Celebration is …


Pubg redeem code today and more latest get its free

10 June 2021 PUBG Mobile Lite Redeem Code Today : PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes, Free UC Redeem Code

10 June 2021 PUBG Mobile Lite Redeem Code Today : PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes and Free UC Redeem Code

  • BARISGEID: Kong Team – Pan (1d)
10 June 2021 PUBG Mobile Lite Redeem Code Today : PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes, Free UC Redeem Code

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PUBG Redeem Codes Today 10 June 2021

  • KARZBZYTR – Kar98 Gun Skin
  • R89FPLM9S – free companion
  • D70FYU5N0 – free reward
  • TIFZBJZWMN – legendary outfit
  • TIFZBIZACZG – legendary outfit

PUBG Redeem Codes

  • UCBYSD600 – 600 UC redeem code
  • BBKTZEZET3 – Operation Leo Set Legendary Outfit
  • BBVNZBZ4M9 – Get Free Football & Chicken Popularity By
  • BBKVZBZ6FW – Get 2 Red Tea Popularity By This Redeem Code
  • BBKRZBZBF9 – Code To Get 1 Free PUBG Cannon Popularity
  • BAPPZBZXF5 – Get UMP-45 Gun Skin
  • MIDASBUY – Use this redeem code to get a free rename card & room card
  • EKJONARKJO – For Unlimited M416 Gun Skins
PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes 2021: How to Redeem, Free Items and More
PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes 2021: How to Redeem, Free Items and More

A step-by-step guide how to use PUBG Mobile redeem code

Players can follow the steps given below because need to know how to use the PUBG Mobile redeem code:

Step 1:

Players should first head to the PUBG Mobile redemption center. The link to the website is provided below:

Website: Click here

Step 2:

Next, players must enter all their details, like their PUBG Mobile character ID, redemption code and verification code, in the text field.

Step 3:

Click on the redeem button. A dialog box will appear, prompting players to verify their details.

Step 4:

Players can click on the OK button to redeem the code successfully. Players can collect the reward directly from the in-game mail section.

If a player encounters an error message stating, “Redemption Limit Reached,” There is no possible way around this error. All players can do is wait for a new set of codes to be released.

PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes 2021: How to Redeem, Free Items and More

PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes 2021: How to Redeem, Free Items and More

Popular Game PUBG mobile has codes for players to redeem and we have all the details you need right here.

The game pubg mobile is a fun battle royale type of game mode and was actually one of the first of its time. It has arguably shaped the gaming world as we know it and inspired games like Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds still remains a huge hit despite all the new competition it has and if you are a keen player of the game, you should redeem these codes as it unlocks you some exciting things.

Not only are they exciting, but they are also free and almost always premium items, so it is a must.

Here is everything you need to know about the PUBG mobile redeem codes for this month:

Latest PUBG Redeem Codes (July 2021)

PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes 2021: How to Redeem, Free Items and More

Here is a list of all of the available, active codes for this month:

  • BAPPZBZXF5 – You get the Gun Skin for UMP-45
  • BBKRZBZBF9 – You get two PUBG Cannon Popularity for free
  • BBCKVZBZ6FW – You get two Red Tea Popularity
  • BBKTZEZET3 – You get the Legendary Outfit for the PUBG Operation Leo Set
  • BBVNZBZ4M9 – You get the PUBG Football and Chicken Popularity for free
  • DKJU9GTDSM – You get x2000 Silver Fragments
  • DKJU5LMBPY – You get Silver Fragments for free
  • EKJONARKJO – You get unlimited M416 Gun Skins
  • MIDASBUY – You get a rename and room card for free
  • UCBYSD600 – You get 600 UC
  • GODZILLAVSKONG: You receive the 1 Aircraft Pilot License, “Curious” Graffiti
  • GODZILLAKONG: You will get 1 Aircraft Pilot License, 3 Silver
  • MAY25PUBGMOBILE: This code unlocks 1 Aircraft Pilot License, “What?” Graffiti
  • TITANSLASTSTAND: This code gives you the 1 Aircraft Pilot License, “Follow Me” Graffiti

How to redeem PUBG Codes

  • It is really easy to redeem these codes and there are only three steps you need to know to redeem them.
  • Visit the official website for redeeming codes.
  • Enter your unique character ID, the code, and a verification code
  • Press redeem and find your rewards in your in-game mailbox

Make sure you redeem these codes as soon as you see them as they don’t last forever.

You can find all of the latest gaming news and rumours right here at GiveMeSport.

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“PUBG Mobile 1.4: Download Godzilla Vs Kong APK, how to Get Global Version Link and Installation ”

pubg mobile how to get godzilla and kong mode

Download Godzilla vs Kong APK, Get Global Version Link and Installation Guide:

Season 19 is upon us & this time PUBG Mobile is introducing a rip-roaring Monster Verse event along with a number of new features. The immensely popular battle royale game is collaborating with the latest movie installment of Monster verse, Godzilla vs Kong. With an explosive box office release, the movie had garnered a lot of attention & is now highly acclaimed worldwide. Below, you can find the direct APK Download link for PUBG Mobile 1.4 Version and a Step by step guide on how to install & play it.

Here’s the download Link for PUBG Mobile 1.4 (Godzilla vs. Kong) APK: Download (990MB)

How to Download and Install PUBG Mobile 1.4 APK Global Update? PUBG Mobile x Godzilla vs. Kong

pubg mobile how to get godzilla and kong mode

Step 1: To begin the installation process, players need to download the PUBG Mobile 1.4 APK file from the Direct Download link.

PUBG Mobile 1.4 Global APK Download Link (990 MB): Click Here.

Step 2: After the download is complete, players need to enable the “Install from unknown source”. Ignore this step if done already.

Step 3: Locate & Install the downloaded APK file on your device

Step 4: After installation, open the game & download all the necessary resources. Once the process has complete players may restart the game & enjoy the all new Titan theme at the battlegrounds.

Check out what’s new in PUBG Mobile 1.4 Global Version? PUBG Mobile x Godzilla vs Kong

A ton of new content has dropped in the Beta Version. Players can now experience monster-themed classic matches on the battlegrounds.

  • Godzilla theme in Erangle.
  • Kong theme in Sanhok.
  • Mecha Godzilla theme in Livik.
  • Spawn Island Cinematic
  • Titans Strike
  • Apex Supply Camp
  • PvE mob settlements
  • New Vehicle: Coupe RB
  • New Shooting Mode: OTS (Over the Shoulder)
  • Gun optimization and balance
  • Basic Performance Improvements
  • Royale Pass S19: Traverse (starts May 17)
  • Security Improvements
  • New Friends Features
  • Patch Updates

The all-new TDM Map Hangar is also live in the game.

pubg mobile godzilla vs kong

During the event period, these are the dates when monsters will make their appearances in their respective maps.

  • Godzilla in Erangle: May 11 – June 8
  • Kong in Sanhok: May 15 – June 8
  • Mechagodzilla in Livik: May 20 – June 8

PUBG Mobile free uc Codes (July 2021): outfits, top easy way

pubg redeem codes

PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes (July 2021): Free UC, outfits, weapon skins, and more

Here is the list of the latest PUBG Mobile codes in July 2021 that you can redeem to get free rewards like UC, legendary outfits, weapon skins, emotes, and more.

Everyone loves free rewards, and the latest PUBG Mobile redeem codes will give you plenty of them, including free UC, legendary outfits, weapon skins, pans, sets, and much more.

PUBG Mobile has become unbelievably popular over the last couple of years, and it has even surpassed the original PC version of PUBG, with hundreds of millions of players worldwide.

And with PUBG: New State just around the corner, it seems that the popularity of PUBG is bigger than ever before.

Just like with a number of other games, PUBG Mobile publishers Krafton is making sure that there are always some nice surprises for the player base, and that’s why they often release a bunch of PUBG Mobile redeem codes that players can use to unlock free rewards.

Check out below to find the new PUBG Mobile codes and to learn how to redeem them in order to claim free rewards.

PUBG Mobile latest redeem codes 

Here are the latest working PUBG Mobile redeem codes provided by Krafton. Make sure to redeem them as soon as possible as some of them are time-limited and eventually will expire.

  • BBVNZBZ4M9  – x2 Red Tea Popularity
  • BBKRZBZBF9 –  PUBG Cannon Popularity
  • BBVNZBZ4M9 – PUBG Football & Chicken Popularity
  • BAPPZBZXF5 – Get UMP-45 Gun Skin
  • BMTGZBZBKQ – M416 Skin
  • TQIZBz76F – Motorcycle Skin
  • LEVKIN1QPCZ -Pacer Set – Gold
  • VETREL2IMHX – Bumble Bee Set
  • ZADROT5QLHP – Stealth Brigade Set
  • SIWEST4YLXR – Assassin Suit & Bottom
  • BNBEZBZECU – unknown reward
  • BDFVZBIZ7KN – unknown reward
  • PUBGMOBILEBD – unknown reward
  • BOBR3IBMT – Desert Ranger Set
  • VEZIRBEYEID -GVK Parachute
  • BMTJZDZPPK – Jester Hero Headgear
  • EGOISTPATIEID – Kong Team – Pan
  • DOCHEID -Kong Team – Pan
  • MEZARCIEID – Rewards: Kong Team – Pan
  • BRAEID  – Kong Team – Pan
  • BARISGEID – Kong Team – Pan
  • SD14G84FCC – AKM Glacier Skin
  • JJCZCDZJ9U – Golden Pan
  • RNUZBZ9QQ – Legendary Vehicle Skin
  • MAY25PUBGMOBILE – x1 Aircraft Pilot License, “What?” Graffiti
  • MONSTERDETECTED – x1 Aircraft Pilot License, “What?” Graffiti
  • TITANSLASTSTAND x1 Aircraft Pilot License, “Follow Me” Graffiti 
  • GODZILLAVSKONG – 1 Aircraft Pilot License, “Curious” Graffiti
  • GODZILLAKONG – x1 Aircraft Pilot License, 3 Silver
  • DKJU9GTDSM – x100 Silver Fragments
  • PUBGM GROZA – The Skulls – Groza
  • TIFZBHZK4A – Legendary Outfit
  • BEAUTY – Duelist Set
  • PEACE – Piglet Set
  • HEALTH – Combat Driver Set
  • LUCKY – Combat Driver Set
  • HAPPINESS – Underground Crew Set
  • LOSTFREQPUBGM  – Lost Frequencies song
  • RAMADANMUBARAK – Jester Hero Headgear
  • RAMADANKAREEM – žDuelist Set
  • GPHZDBTFZ – Scar-L Gun Skin
  • BBKVZBZ6FW – PUBG Cannon Popularity
  • EKJONARKJO – M416 Gun Skin
  • MIDASBUY – Free Namecard and Room Card
  • TIFZBIZACZG – Legendary Outfit
  • TIFZBJZWMN – Legendary Outfit
  • BBKTZEZET3 – Legendary Outfit
  • GOODMORNING – 2021 Fireworks Gift
  • DKJU9GTDSM – x1000 Silver Fragments
  • UCBYSD600 – x600 UC redeem code

How to redeem PUBG Mobile codes

pubg skin code

Just like with a number of other popular mobile titles, PUBG Mobile codes cannot be redeemed in-game. Instead, you will need to activate them on a special website.

Follow these steps in order to redeem PUBG Mobile codes:

  1. Open PUBG Mobile on your device
  2. Find your account’s character ID, right next to your profile icon.
  3. Visit the official PUBG Mobile redemption centre
  4. Enter your Character ID
  5. Enter a code you want to redeem.
  6. Complete the captcha security check by entering a verification code

And that’s it, you have now unlocked your free rewards! Once the redemption process is complete, the rewards should be available via the in-game mail section.

PUBG Free UC 2021[Hack] – Free Royale Pass Season 19

pubg free uc

PUBG UC Tricks 2021: Free PUBG Royal Pass Giveaway, PUBG UC Hack 2021, How To Get Free Royale Pass Season 20.

Do you want Free UC & Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile? We have done all works for you here. Today you will know the tricks to earn PUBG UC without spending any money.

This will help you to get PUBG Royal Pass for free without paying money. We already discussed how to unlock PUBG Mobile Carlo and Andy Character for free in the previous post. We shared the trick to get Free UC (Unkown Cash) & Royale Pass (RP) in this post. Let’s explore more about the tricks.

Free PUBG UC Tricks 2021

PUBG Mobile is the most famous game in the world. There are 500 million players of PUBG Mobile across the globe. Not only can you play PUBG, but also you can buy premium expensive items for your character. For example, Gun Skins, Legendary Character, Premium Outfit, Royale Pass & many more. To purchase these items, you required UC (Unkown Cash).

UC is the in-gaming currency in PUBG Mobile. This is required to buy anything from PUBG Mobile. To get PUBG UC, you have to do Top Up, which is so expensive. The Top-up value is started from Rs.80 to Rs.8000. Normal people can’t afford to purchase those UC. In this post, we have shared some important tricks to get PUBG UC for free. Let’s know detailed about PUBG UC Hack or UC generator.

What is PUBG Mobile UC

UC stands for Unknown Cash, which uses in PUBG Game as money. PUBG is the most famous Online Multiplayer Battle Royal Game. In this game, you will get some basic & advanced features.

The basic features are free, but for advanced features, you need to purchase them. At the purchase time, you can use UC to buy. UC stands for Unkown Cash that uses in PUBG Game as currency. You can buy all PUBG Premium items using UC, such as PUBG mobile Elite Royal Pass, Legendary Outfit, Rename Card, Guns & Vehicle Skins.

PUBG Free UC Hack For Season 20

If you want PUBG UC Hack Season 20, then stick on this article. Here we covered intersting four legit UC hack tricks to get free PUBG Mobile UC. These methods are Flipkart super coin, Google Play Redeem Codes, PUBG UC link app hack & Free Elite Royale Pass method.

  • Get Free UC with Flipkart Plus method
  • Google Play Redeem Code
  • PUB Free Élite Royal Pass Season 19 Method
  • Free UC Hack App Methods

Let’s know;

1. Flipkart Supercoin Method For PUBG UC

Flipkart Super coin is a legit method to get free PUBG UC. You will get a 660 UC midasbuy voucher from Flipkart using 650 coins.

You must have 650 coins in your Flipkart Plus account t to grab this offer. However, you don’t have enough coins to purchase you can earn it by shopping or doing tasks on Flipkart.

Step To Get Free UC From Flipkart Coins:-

  1. Open Flipkart App
  2. Go to Flipkart Plus Reward Store
  3. Choose & Buy PUBG Mobile 660UC Worth Rs.799 Pack at 650 Coins
  4. You will get a Redeem Voucher from PUBG UC. Now copy the code.
  5. Now open this link
  6. Click On Redeem Voucher Option
  7. Enter Your PUBG player id & paste your copied gift voucher code
  8. You will get PUBG 660UC worth Rs.799 Royal Pass Pack for free.
  9. Now Open Gift Center On PUBG & Collect it & enjoy Free RP season 19

Follow the above step to get free PUBG UC for more tricks; bookmark this link now and join our Facebook or telegram channel.

Read our second article below for getting free UC. For PUBG UC hack Free Royal Pass Season 19, Visit our site Regularly.

2. Google Play Redeem Codes Method For PUBG UC

Google Pay Free Redeem Code or Play Store Gift Card is a free method to hack PUBG UC. It’s a totally legit way to get UC. Any kind of UC hack App & Free UC link generators are includes in this method. We have already discussed how to get ₹140 free Google Play Redeem Code in our previous blog. Which can be applied to get free UC.

Free UC From Google Play Cards:-

  1. Firstly, open Google Play Promo Codes & copy a valid code
  2. After this open Play Store & Redeem the code you get
  3. Once code is successfully credit to your account open PUBG Mobile App
  4. Now click on + UC buy option
  5. Select UC value on your Google Play credits & continue to payment
  6. Your Google Play Credits will be applied to the order
  7. Now tap to purchase & confirm your password to process the payment
  8. Once your password matches your transaction will be complete instantly
  9. The UC you choose will be reflected in your account

Try these tricks repeated by logging other Eligible Google Account you will Get more PUBG 190UC For Free. Read our below articles to get PUBG Mobile UC At a Cheap Price.

3. PUBG UC Link Hack App 2021

PUBG Mobile UC Hack is not a legit method to get free UC. But there are so many PUBG UC Hack Apk claiming for giving free UC. We have talked about PUBG Mobile Hack Download in our previous blog. This is not a safe method to get UC for free. We do not confirm this method really working or not. You can try it on your own risk.

This is a very competitive game, and everybody needs PUBG UC to maintain attractive Gun Skins, Legendary Outfit, Premium Character Etc. Those things are complicated to afford because of the high costs of PUBG UC. But in this article, we will share PUBG MOD APK, where you will Get free Unlimited UC.

This Mod version is not for free you have to pay some amount to download it. If you wish to install it, then click on the bellow button.

Read More…