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Robin allows its players to participatein in-gameevents which aretypically organized by theadministrators ofthe game. Theseevents may include
specialtasks for Robloxians orextraitems thatcan be obtained during theevents. Players who take part in theseevents may gain access to
differentamounts ofROBUXdepending on their performance.
They’reclearly taking steps in this direction by creating special perks,abilities,etceterafor those who have purchased robux fromthem. They’re
also creating clothing items which are being sold for outrageous prices with thesole purpose of being ableto differentiatethose who pay from
those who don’t in their game. This is wrong. It’s unethicaland itshould not betolerated.
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OnNovember 7, 2017, Roblox released their first reallet’s play channel, but it only lasted acouple ofmonths before Roblox cancelled its plans
for let’s play channels. Itstars RandomPlayeras he playsa wide variety of games onROBLOX, includingmany popular games such as Angry
Birdsand Zombieland.

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In July 2012, ROBLOXreleased alist oftheir top 100 games with the mostconcurrent playersatany onetime. Thelist featuresa variety of
games such as”Rage Place”, “Createthe Universe 2”,and “SurvivalGames:Mine”. The game with the highest number ofconcurrent playersat the
time was”Mineblox”, which had over 10,000 players on itat once.
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