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Fortnite skin : how to get loki’s skin for free

fornite loki skin

While the Loki series, on Disney +.

fortnite skin : After Thor who landed in season 4 of Fortnite , it is the turn of fortnite Loki skin , the God of Mischief, to take a look at the Epic Games software ! 

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The publisher announced on his blog on June 28 that a skin dedicated to the Marvel character would be available in the game’s item store in July. An arrival that also echoes the broadcast of the Loki series , currently available on Disney + .

A skin that must be available as part of this month’s Club pack , specifically. For its active members, it even arrives on July 1, from 2 a.m. The pack includes Loki’s skin ,

a “Loki’s Cloak” back accessory, the “Loki’s Scepter” pickaxe, the “Chitauris Chariot” glider, and the “Loki’s Welcome” loading screen.

Also note that for those who take the Club Pack, they will also get the Battle Pass for this new season, as well as monthly V-Bucks – 1000 per month, on the billing day – and the Club Pack.

June, if you subscribe by July 1, including the Mechalineuse skin , plus several accessories. 

And the opportunity to complete its collection of Marvel skins , several of which are currently available in the item store, such as Black Widow , Ghost Rider Captain America , Ant-Man  or even Thanos . At your controls!

‘Fortnite’ Loki Skin: Is ‘Fortnite Crew’ Worth Paying For?

Loki added to Fortnite as an unlockable character skin, although the cosmetic item will only be available to those with an existing “Fortnite Crew” subscription.

Fortnite is currently four weeks into its Invasion Season, which features pilotable UFOs, mothership experiments that let you earn coveted loot, alien parasites that can drain away your health, and an inexplicable attempt to revive ska music.

The god of mischief’s arrival in the game timed to coincide with this season, as well as the release of his new Disney Plus series, which just released its fourth episode.

This is not the first time that developer Epic Games has collaborated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), as they hosted similar crossover events for Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

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